Rotary Park – The Springboro Rotary Club, in collaboration with The City of Springboro, built and now maintains beautiful Rotary Park, established in 2013. This scenic park located in the Historic District on Main Street in Springboro offers nice landscaping, a gazebo and benches for sitting and enjoying the quaint downtown. In 2014, a SPARC and Go facility was also built within the park, as part of the City’s Bike and Pedestrian Plan. This facility acts as a rest station for bicylists as well as a recharging center during power outages or natural disasters.

The Concession Stand at North Park – This was another building project collaboration with the City of Springboro. Every summer at the “Concert in the Park” series in July, the Springboro Rotary Club opens the concession stand for concert goers to enjoy popcorn and refreshments. Candy, beverages, chips and popcorn can all be purchased and enjoyed for great prices. Best of all, the popcorn is free!

“Emergency Assistance”- Throughout the years, Rotary has supported various “emergency assistance” needs. From helping a family rebuild their home, to helping another family due to death of a breadwinner, we have been ready to provide physical and financial assistance. Often working closely with SCAC (Springboro Community Assistance Center) to identify and assess areas of need, we look forward to helping the community where and when it needs help the most.

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